Facebook App Provider North Social Is Already Thinking About The Holidays

By David Cohen 

Facebook application provider North Social used its iFrame Editor Facebook app to create a quiz for its Facebook page, with a surprise at the end for users who complete it.

After completing the Holiday Quiz, users enter their email addresses for the results, which come with a link to a white paper from North Social, 12 Ways To F*ck Up Your Social Media Strategy This Holiday Season.

Our results read:

Don’t be alarmed, the mix of boos and cheers you hear is merely our staff’s reaction to seeing your results on the Social Media Manager Stress Test.

Here’s the deal: If you just cooked a holiday meal, let’s just say you aced the turkey but bombed the sides. We’re pretty confident you’ll have a lovely holiday-themed cover photo and a festive promo or two, but for lighting up your social brand in Q4 you’ll need more.

So learn how to devise the social plan to give your fans something to talk about and keep your boss off your back by diving into your copy of 12 Ways To F*ck Up Your Social Media Strategy This Holiday Season.

The dirty dozen ways to, um, mess up your social media strategy, from the white paper, were:

  1. You’re “too busy” to focus on social media.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  3. You only have eyes for retail.
  4. Use the same boring promotions from last year.
  5. You lost your users in a fog.
  6. You came on too strong.
  7. You give thoughtless gifts.
  8. You’re slow to try new things.
  9. Your viral application called in sick.
  10. Try to lure fans with fake snow.
  11. You forgot your camera.
  12. You rock decorations long past their welcome.