North Social Rolls Out Photo Contest App For Facebook Brand Pages

By David Cohen 

Facebook application provider North Social wants to know if users who like your brand’s page have any pictures that are worth 1,000 words. The company released a photo contest app for pages that allows brands to run user-generated photo contests.

North Social’s photo contest app boasts features including fan gating, entry moderation tools, viral sharing, and voting tools, and it uses the vendor’s content management system (version 3.0) for easy designing and launching of contests.

The developer offered more details on the features of its photo contest app in a blog post:

There are tons of ways that brands can use this app, since the core features and admin controls make it simple to configure the app to run a variety of different promotions. First, there is the traditional photo contest. (Always a popular choice). Switch off the user entry function, and it can be a great market research app. (Fans vote for their favorite new product idea from a pool of options added by the admin) Bolt on our mobile entry code, and this can enable a mobile scavenger hunt. (Can you find our CEO at CES and snap a pic of him?). Whether it’s user-generated content, branded content, or some combination of the two, there are tons of great ways brands can utilize the powerful viral voting, user entry, and contest features of this app.

One of our favorite features that makes this app unique is the dynamic sharing controls (this means that the brand can push sharing through action-based triggers, as well as unique entry sharing for much more effective self-promotion of user entries. (You can test this out by using this app on our fan page here and then sharing your entry once it is approved by the contest admin.)

Why does this matter? Well, when a user uploads a photo to enter a photo contest, you need to give them the tools to effectively promote their entry to their friends and fans. (We’ve all seen the wall posts before: “Come vote for my favorite __________ (charity, taco, cat, photo, etc.) and help me win a mega prize!”) Dynamic (or fluid) sharing enables this in a really seamless way for contest participants. This will lead to more viral growth for your promotion.

This app is seamlessly integrated with the North Contact list building and email system. This enables brands to set up instant social response emails that hit entrants’ inboxes within seconds of entering the contest. Configure the list to alert winners, or enroll users in an automated email campaign. The power of the integrated follow-up email tools makes this app a great entry point to automated marketing campaigns. Want to see this feature in action? Enter our pumpkin photo contest on Facebook right now and then check your inbox.

Admins can review “pending” entries prior to showing them in the user-facing gallery, and users have an option to “flag” inappropriate entries to quickly alert admins that something offensive may have slipped by. This powerful back-end admin control panel gives brands the tools they need to run a safe and effective user-generated content promotion. (without the fear of getting buried in spam or porn).

Page managers can turn on the optional “fan gate” on this app, which requires visitors to like the page before they can access the contest or gallery. When the fan gate feature is combined with the viral “vote for me” self-promoting actions users take to gain votes, this app delivers a great way to quickly gain new fans.

Readers: How often do you enter contests on Facebook brand pages?