North Social Catches Holiday Spirit With Advent Calendar Facebook App

By David Cohen 

Facebook application provider North Social is helping page administrators ring in the holiday season with its new Advent Calendar app, which allows brands to offer Facebook users who like their pages different promotions each day.

Page admins can set the number of days for their brands’ promotional periods, and a new “virtual door” will open at midnight each day, presenting new coupons, deals, sweepstakes, images, and downloads.

North Social offered more details in a post on its blog:

The flexible app allows brands to run a week of deals, 12 days of coupons, and up to 24 days of holiday deals (just like the traditional advent calendar). Instead of a chocolate hidden behind each door, the user clicks their way to a unique digital promotion. Each promotion includes sharing tools to help spread the word.

This holiday promotion app is perfect for brands looking to set up a series of exciting promotions that give fans a reason to return to their Facebook page multiple times leading up to the holidays. The app is built with the new North Social v3.0 content management system, which enables easy customization and flexible edge to edge creative control.

This app delivers two great features. The first is a fun and engaging experience. The second is that it delivers real actionable tools that brands can use to drive fans toward the cash register. Optional “call to action” buttons can be added to each deal, which prompt the user to click and redeem their special offer right away. This seamless integration between social marketing (awareness/entertainment) and the desired transaction (purchase/registration) is a great way for brands to hit their holiday marketing goals with a one-two punch.

The app has a ton of ways that enable each brand to customize the design and appearance. From the core background image, to linkable headers, and custom registration forms for the daily deals, this app gives brands complete control over the brand experience.

North Social General Manager Chris Mottau said:

The holiday shopping season is always an exciting time, and brands are looking for fun promotions to run on Facebook, but they also have to deliver real value. We created the holiday Advent Calendar app as an entertaining way to drive more brand awareness and engagement with viral sharing features, but also as a way to drive sales with printable and digital coupons.

Readers: Would the prospect of a different deal every day throughout the holiday season cause you to keep going back to brands’ Facebook pages?