No More Automatic Tweets on LinkedIn

By Neil Vidyarthi 

In 2009, Twitter opened some elements of its API to let external companies import Twitter tweets to their services. LinkedIn was one of the companies to sign up for that, and since then LinkedIn has had many users who automatically import their tweets into the professional social network in lieu of having to post twice on either one. Twitter has retracted this feature of their API, and now LinkedIn users will not be able to auto-update using their Twitter account.

Late last week, Michael Sippy at Twitter posted a blog post discussing how Twitter was refining their API. The new service focuses on providing a better user experience for people who use Twitter in third party situations. For that reason, LinkedIn is taking a step back right now and not planning to do a deeper integration of Twitter into their service. This makes sense, as they are both different networks and things are different than they were in 2009. LinkedIn is now a public company and has to protect its own business interests – making Twitter a bigger part of their service is dangerous as they could become dependent.

LinkedIn users will still be able to post their own status updates and then easily post those to Twitter. LinkedIn will keep the Twitter share buttons on their own site, so this doesn’t look like its a major falling out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see LinkedIn bring another type of Twitter service back in the future. It just depends on how Twitter’s new updates continue to roll out.

You can read more about this from the Twitter-centric point of view at AllTwitter, as well as read about the LinkedIn side of things at the LinkedIn blog.

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