Nimble 3.0 Allows Brands To Be More Nimble In Managing Facebook Relationships

By David Cohen 

Customer-relationship-management tool Nimble announced the release of Nimble 3.0, with updates highlighted by the Today Screen, a new homepage that allows users to more closely follow and monitor their Facebook friends and fans and contacts from other social networks, and the Signals Screen, which highlights social network interactions that should receive priority.

Nimble called the new version of its platform “the Pandora of contacts,” saying that its Nimble Rules Engine monitors specific signals including email, calendars, social streams, actions, and feedback to provide intelligent, actionable insights to users.

New features of Nimble 3.0 include:

  • Today Screen: The platform’s new homepage, which includes a to-do list, engagement opportunities with users’ networks, deals in the pipeline, and information on milestones such as contacts’ birthdays and job changes.
  • Signals Screen: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are monitored for actions such as invites, likes, shares, connection requests, and mentions.
  • Search improvements: Nimble said it search function is now capable of finding relevant, exact matches on any group or any tag, as well as an automatic sort by the last contact by the user or their team.
  • Applications marketplace: Nimble is integrated with more than 100 apps and services, including Evernote, HootSuite, Podio, QuickBooks, Wufoo, MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, Act-On, NetSuite, ClickDesk, QuoteRoller, RightSignature, Contact Monkey, and the suite of apps connected by itDuzzit.

Nimble Founder and CEO Jon Ferrara said:

By pulling important signals from the noise, Nimble learns more about the types of people and information that are important to our users, offering an ongoing concentration of valuable engagement insights to a higher-quality professional network, and more targeted connection opportunities. We’re spearheading an entirely new Nimble experience to expose users to insights about their networks that they didn’t previously know. We’re providing what’s been missing from CRMs (customer-relationship management) and other tools: the context for contacts to build more meaningful and sincere relationships.