Nimbit Enables Musical Artists To Thank, Reward Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers

By David Cohen 

Nimbit, a direct-to-fan commerce and promotion platform tailored toward the music industry, released an update to its promotional tool for Facebook and Twitter that allows its users to reward fans who redeem free-download promotions with automatic thank-you messages featuring product discounts.

The PreSonus-owned company said its users can share free downloads and immediately follow them up with offers of discounts on albums, or reward fans who have purchased music with thank-you messages and free bonuses. Promotions can be run via Facebook, Twitter, email, text codes, and embeddable widgets.

Nimbit added that its promo tool is available for both NimbitFree and NimbitPlus accounts, but the former are limited to one active promotion at a time.

Nimbit President and Co-Founder Phil Antoniades said:

We know that when artists follow up with an offer after giving away tracks, they create new sales from new fans, but not enough artists do that. We needed to make it easy for them to set up a promotion that will automatically follow up and drive a new fan to a sale. It’s up to us to create tools that drive best practices and create supportive customer relationships, and that’s the new vision that’s guiding the development of the Nimbit platform.

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