Newsy News: New iPad App, Updates, Logo, Branding

By David Cohen Comment

Stop the (virtual) presses: Newsy rolled out version 3.0 of its iPad app, as well as updating its iPhone and Android apps, and introducing a new logo and rebranded videos.

The video news service, which uses short videos to analyze how world events are covered, closed a $1.5 million funding round in April, and that money appears to have been put to work in rapid fashion.

The new version of its iPad app boasts quicker loading times and allows users to build play lists, download videos for offline viewing, leave comments, research sources, and share videos via Twitter and Facebook.

Newsy 3.0 for iPad also features push notifications, which alert users to the day’s most important stories, as well as a headline ticker.

Newsy president Jim Spencer said:

Newsy’s new iPad app delivers on speed, quality, ease of use, and sharing — further establishing Newsy’s position as an innovator in mobile video news. The new version of the iPad app is based on our users’ feedback and will provide an exceptional environment to experience our content.