The Huffington Post Continues to Dominate Facebook Publishers in Interactions, Shares

By David Cohen 

NewsWhipAugust2014Chart650The Huffington Post continued to dominate among publishers on Facebook in August, dominating in terms of both total interactions (likes, comments and shares) and shares, according to the latest data from social media news aggregator NewsWhip.

In a blog post summarizing its August results, NewsWhip said of HuffPost:

The Huffington Post maintains a lead that seems more and more untouchable as the months go by. It scored nearly 10 million shares alone, while it also had an enviable 9.3 million comments. It’s jaw-dropping engagement that seems to multiply each month.

NewsWhip also addressed the dramatic month-to-month fluctuations in its list, quoting a recent post by Max Read of Gawker:

One problem with the Facebook algorithm is that it’s prone to feedback loops: It rewards few clicks with fewer opportunities for clicks, and so on. A bad month gets worse; a good month gets better.

NewsWhip highlighted strong performances by Fox News Channel (which topped 20 million interactions for the first time), Independent Journal Review, Tea Party News Network and IFLScience, as well as noting that publishers dropping out of the top 25 for August included The Washington Post, the BBC and TheBlaze.

Readers: Did any of NewsWhip’s findings for August surprise you?