Another Advertising Option For Facebook’s News Feed: Unpublished Posts

By David Cohen 

Facebook continues to provide advertisers with more options to secure precious real estate on its News Feed, with sister blog Inside Facebook reporting that unpublished posts, also referred to as dark posts, were added to News Feed last week.

According to Inside Facebook, unpublished posts were previously available only as ads on the right-hand side of the site, and they will allow brands to show more relevant content in their ads, such as a sporting goods company being able to target fans of specific sports with products related to those sports.

Inside Facebook added that brands can now create unpublished posts in power editor or via the ads application-programming interface, and they can be promoted in any placement.

Inside Facebook also reported that Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer AdParlor used unpublished posts as part of a campaign for a large ecommerce client and saw click-through rates of 0.87 percent, compared with 0.3 percent for organic page post ads, with unpublished posts also generating conversion rates 16 percent higher and 22 percent lower sign-up costs.

Readers: Do you think Facebook users will be more responsive to ads in their News Feeds if the ads contain content that is more relevant to them?