Another News Feed Survey From Facebook

By David Cohen 

NewsFeedSurvey1Some Facebook users (including yours truly) are seeing sponsored posts from the social network in their News Feeds inviting them to respond to surveys about, well, their News Feeds.

The survey is not as in-depth as those seen by Facebook users who are part of its Facebook Feedback Panel.

The sponsored post, from Facebook, reads:

No two Facebook News Feeds are alike. Take our survey and tell us about yours. We’re on the hunt for great stories for a new special project.

Clicking on the link takes users to a survey with the following questions, which are either multiple-choice or require typing in long-form answers:

  1. How old are you?
  2. What’s your gender?
  3. How often do you use Facebook?
  4. Do you know what Facebook News Feed is?
  5. Have you ever used any of the following Facebook features (added someone to the close friends list, unfollowed a friend or page, followed a public figure, none of the above)?
  6. Everyone’s News Feed is unique because it reflects your friends and interests. So, what does your News Feed say about you?
  7. What’s your favorite News Feed moment? For example, it could be a post that made you laugh, a thoughtful comment from a friend, or a piece of useful information that you discovered through your News Feed.
  8. What’s your email address?
  9. What’s your full name?

Readers: What sort of “special project” do you think Facebook is working on?