HOW TO: Avoid Photo Fails In Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

Not long after Facebook announced its redesigned News Feed, with its heavy emphasis on photos, many brands’ images looked improperly cropped for this new format. Images were centered on peoples’ waists, with text on their heads. Facebook recently revealed to AllFacebook the official measurements for photos in this more visual News Feed, as well as how pages and people can make sure their photos look good.

Wondering how to avoid this?

Facebook recently shared with AllFacebook the measurements for News Feed photo stories, to make sure mistakes such as this can be avoided. The optimal size for images is 552 x 414 pixels. If users share links with photos, the links will end at 66 pixels from the top.

Here are the tips from Facebook, on photo page posts and sponsored stories:

  • If the photos are at least 425 x 157 px, do not contain text, and are not screenshots, we show them with a width of 552 px. The aspect ratio will try to be respected, but the height will be between 204 px and 414 px.
  • For photos that are smaller than 425 x 157 px, or without text, or are screenshots, they are rendered without a letterbox and not full-width, and are 526 x 395 px.

Some users may also notice that text is not always overlaid on images. Facebook only tries to have text on images when the images are not screenshots or otherwise synthetic images, when the images don’t already have text on them, when the images are at least 425 x 157 px, and if the images have low enough local contrast toward the top that overlaid text will still be easily seen.

Here’s a more visual guide to optimizing photos for News Feed:

Even if you don’t have time to optimize photos and crop, it shows that people who post pictures should make sure to leave some room at the top of the image for the text overlay.

Readers: How do you optimize your photo posts?