News Feed Option Shows Friends You Interact With Most

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook has created yet another way for users to slice and dice the news feed: You can now choose to see only the activity of the friends you interact with most.

Access this new setting by scrolling down to the bottom of the page with the news feed and clicking on “edit options,” which pops open a window like the image shows below this post.

Some people’s home pages default to “friends and pages you interact with most,” as Josh Constine pointed out, suggesting that this occurs for people who joined Facebook more recently. I wonder whether this setting shows up for those who haven’t yet created any friend lists, and also for folks who haven’t tried other filters already available for viewing the news feed.

All of these ways for slicing and dicing the news feeds make the most sense for users with larger lists of friends that use the site the heaviest. If you have only 100 friends and they don’t update too often, you probably don’t need to adjust whose posts show up in the news feed.

Personally, I like to read all of my contacts’ updates and keep the news feed set to default to “most recent.” How about you? And what do you think about this latest addition to Facebook’s news feed filters?