Facebook Tweaks News Feed Ads Algorithm To Factor In User Feedback

By David Cohen 

FacebookAdvertisingBullhorn3Facebook announced another tweak to the algorithm that determines which ads appear in users’ News Feeds, giving more weight to the feedback it receives on ads, particularly how often they are hidden or reported.

Engineering Manager Hong Ge reported the changes in a Newsroom post, cautioning brands that the distribution of their ads may vary somewhat in the coming weeks, giving the example that if a user continuously hides ads for electronics, Facebook will not show that user ads for those types of products.

Ge wrote:

Every time someone visits News Feed, we choose between thousands of ads to determine the best ones to show — whether it’s from a local business, a well-known brand, or a mobile app developer. We aim to show people the most relevant ads based on things such as their interests and the pages they like.

To choose the right ad, we listen to both people and marketers.

Marketers tell us which people they think will be interested in their ad. For example, a restaurant might tell us to show an ad to people living in the same city aged 18 to 35. Marketers also tell us how much they are willing to pay to show an ad — which suggests how much they want to reach a specific audience.

People also tell us what types of ads they want to see and don’t want to see. When a person interacts with an ad (clicks, likes, comments on, or shares), News Feed learns that these ads are relevant for them. When someone hides an ad, News Feed learns that that person wants to see less of those types of ads.

In addition to improving the quality of the ads themselves, we are also continuously trying to optimize when and where we’re showing ads.

We are currently working on some updates to the ads algorithm to improve the relevance and quality of the ads people see.

This means that some marketers may see some variation in the distribution of their ads in the coming weeks. Our goal is to make sure we deliver the most relevant ads, which should mean the right people are seeing a specific ad campaign. This is ultimately better for marketers, because it means their messages are reaching the people most interested in what they have to offer.

Readers: Have you noticed any changes in the types of ads appearing in your News Feeds?