New Year’s Resolution for Publishers: Rethink Your Social Content Strategy

By Guest Comment


With 2016 quickly approaching, we are all making promises to ourselves to make it a year in which we finally check off items on our to-do list. New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being forgotten (until the following year of course), and yet represent areas of opportunity for growth.

This year, I challenge you to make some resolutions in regards to your social media strategy and shed the unwanted weight of unappealing social content. Though rethinking a social content strategy can feel overwhelming, I suggest evaluating yours in order to start next year off on the right foot.

Only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Be one of them by following these 5 New Year’s content resolutions to ensure that this time next year, no untouched resolutions are rolling over into your list for 2017.

This will be your year to get smarter about the content you share. Cut out the unnecessary excess of tired old articles and determine which formats your audience eats up most. Cheers to 2016!

Shaul Olmert is the co-founder and CEO of Playbuzz. Playbuzz can be contacted at