New Website Tools Translate Veteran Skills into 500,000 Private-Sector Jobs

By Kenna McHugh 

Just in time for Veterans Day and with the troops coming home, the Federal government introduced new website tools designed to help veterans use the skills they learned from military service to find a job in the civilian sector.

My Next Move for Veterans

One such website tool is called “My Next Move for Veterans,” a derivative of another online resource called “My Next Move” that was designed for the general public. With Microsoft providing support, the veteran website helps military personnel locate civilian jobs corresponding to their skills and gives details about salaries, training, education and apprenticeships. For instance, an Army veteran can simply enter his military job code and a list of private-sector jobs come to view.

Veterans Job Bank

The “Veterans Job Bank” is another website powered by National Resource Directory. The job bank website is the White House’s brainchild for its ongoing commitment to improve veterans’ access to employment opportunities for transitioning from military to civilian jobs. The job bank offers access to hundreds of thousands of private sector job openings purposely for veterans. Similar to “My Next Move…” the job bank offers job opportunities based on search results from information entered by the user. Google powers the search engine that draws from several job boards that post “jobs for veterans”. The job bank also added an Employer Participation page for employers interested in hiring veterans.

Veterans Job Bank Widget

A Veterans Job Bank Widget was designed in order to allow access to the job bank from other websites. The widget is embedded below. It is easy to upload and feature on any website. Veterans can quickly conduct a target search and never leave the website they are visiting. When jobs are added to the job bank website, the widget is automatically updated.

The key to these new job searching tools is that a military occupational code (MOC) translator translates the user’s military experience into associated civilian job skills – matching specific skills or jobs. Users can also include keywords and locations in their search.