Facebook Educates New Users On Privacy

By Justin Lafferty 

Although many current users may be a bit fuzzy on privacy controls, Facebook wants to make sure that new users know how they can control their profiles once they sign up. Starting Friday, those who create accounts on the social network will receive primers on security and how to manage their Facebook lives the way they want.

Once new users sign up, they will see specific prompts on topics that affect what is shared.

Facebook’s privacy team detailed these new introductions in a blog post:

At Facebook, we’re committed to making sure that you understand how sharing works on our site, and that you are in control of what you share and with whom. That’s why we’re pleased to be rolling out more prominent and detailed educational privacy information to new users as soon as they begin the process of signing up for Facebook. These updates to our sign-up process will be visible to most new users around the globe starting today.

New users will receive specific instructions regarding these topics:

  • Default settings.
  • Selecting an audience for information shared on timeline.
  • Access to their data.
  • How they interact with applications, games, and websites.
  • How ads works on the site.
  • Tagging people and things.
  • Finding friends on Facebook through search and contact importers.

Readers: Do you wish Facebook would’ve led you through this process when you first signed up?