New Pinterest Feature: Descriptive Captions on Pins

By Devon Glenn 

Pinterest is making its collection of images more informative with a new format for a select group of pins that show products, movies, and recipes, the company announced today.

Instead of just showing a small, formless caption beneath the pin, the new format will include an extra compartment for details like ingredients and cook times on Recipe pins, prices and store locations for Product pins, and ratings and cast members for Movie pins.

An icon beneath the picture will let users know when there’s more information. The details will appear when users click on the pin to enlarge it.

For now, only a select group of 45 businesses and bloggers will be able to create pins using the new format. Among the first to test it out are Sony, Target, eBay, Etsy, ModCloth, Anthropologie, Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, Leite’s Culinaria, Netflix, and Rotten Tomatoes.

While the list of partners hints at a premium service that Pinterest may be able to offer brands, the company says that no one is currently paying for it.

Users will find new pins from these merchants — and refreshed versions of their older ones — in their feeds starting today.