New Media Index: No Dominant Stories on Blogs, Twitter

By David Cohen Comment

A former death row inmate who won a $14 million from the Supreme Court was the subject of the most shared news links by bloggers, while the new Google +1 service topped the Twitter list, and the most-watched news and politics video on YouTube was a Japanese Coast Guard vessel heading straight into a wave to avoid damage, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s New Media Index for the week of March 28-April 1.

The high court ruling in favor of John Thompson — who had been on death row for murder but was later declared innocent due to a blood test that did not surface during the trial — accounted for 13 percent of news links shared via the blogosphere, followed by: a BBC radio piece by author Zadie Smith arguing against closing public libraries, at 12 percent; the creation of artificial clouds to provide shade for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, at 9 percent; an op-ed column about the collapse of Detroit, also at 9 percent; and photographs that may shed light on the early years of Christianity, at 5 percent.

Google +1 accounted for 9 percent of Tweeted news links, followed by: a Mashable review of favorite online April Fool’s jokes, and another Mashable post about the Twitter elite, at 8 percent apiece; one more Mashable item about the use of Skype in the classroom, at 7 percent; and, you guessed it, yet another item from Mashable about the potential delay of the iPhone 5, at 6 percent.

The footage of the Japanese Coast Guard vessel was followed on the list of most-watched news and politics videos on YouTube by: comedy predictions for 2012 by Rhett and Link; an audio clip of Stephen Lerner saying the left wants to destroy capitalism and redistribute wealth; Italian journalist Marco Travaglio discussing the war in Libya; and Lady Gaga receiving an award from the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.