New Media Index: Mashable Infographic Is Most-Tweeted; Bloggers Eye Steve Jobs Biography

By David Cohen Comment

An infographic from Mashable, The Winners & Losers of Social Networking, was the most-Tweeted news link during the week of April 11-15, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s New Media Index, while the list of news links shared by bloggers was topped by the first authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and the most-watched news and politics video on YouTube, for the second consecutive week, was chaos during a soccer match in Egypt April 2.

The Mashable infographic accounted for 7 percent of news links shared via Twitter, and it was followed by: two other items, also with 7 percent apiece — the Jobs biography, and a TechCrunch post on PayPal cofounder Peter Theil’s thoughts on higher education; the post-earthquake crisis in Japan, at 6 percent; and a Mashable item about social media and journalism, at 5 percent.

The Walter Isaacson-penned Jobs book, due out in 2012, accounted for 31 percent of news links shared by bloggers, followed by: the economy at 23 percent; a clip of Research in Motion CEO Mike Lazaridis abruptly ending an interview when asked about the company’s security problems, at 15 percent; the CIA’s new policy of de-emphasizing detention of terror subjects captured abroad, at 8 percent; and an accidental U.S. attack on a convoy of civilians in Afghanistan, at 4 percent.

The Egyptian soccer chaos was followed on the list of the most-watched news and politics video on YouTube by: a satirical ad criticizing President Barack Obama from the National Republican Senatorial Committee; a dog found alive at sea three weeks after the Japanese tsunami; footage of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dancing in a nightclub; and reporter Rodrigo Lemes interviewing a man known as the Thief Cara de Pau in Uberlandia, Brazil (in Portuguese).