New Facebook, Instagram Ad Units Made Social Ad Spend Jump 50% in Q4 (Report)

By Justin Lafferty Comment


Facebook’s newest ad units are working quite well, as Facebook Marketing Partner Kenshoo found that social ad spend among clients rose 50 percent in Q4 — mainly motivated by Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Other key insights from Kenshoo’s Q4 Search and Social Snapshot:

  • Social impressions increased 4 percent QoQ but decreased 21 percent YoY
  • Social clicks decreased 16 percent QoQ but increased 30 percent YoY
  • Social click-through rate decreased 20 percent QoQ but increased 64 percent YoY
  • Paid search impressions increased 8 percent QoQ and 12 percent YoY
  • Paid search clicks increased 13 percent QoQ and 32 percent YoY
  • Paid search click-through rate increased 5 percent QoQ and 17 percent YoY

Chris Costello, director of marketing research for Kenshoo, commented on Q4 performance:

The fourth quarter has long been about holiday sales, and the reliance on Product Listing Ads and Dynamic Product ads this season highlights the importance marketers placed on direct response ad types. On top of the new social ad types, changes in bidding strategies in the social channel refocused advertisers on smaller quantities of highly targeted clicks to drive downstream actions rather than engagement; this aligned with retailer sales goals during the holiday shopping season across all digital efforts to drive healthy performance improvements.