New Application Lets Users Get Karma Points for Recommending Services

By Kenna McHugh Comment

“Our free app was created to give users an easy way to express their opinion about nearly anything they encounter in daily life,” says Alexander Galkin, founder of Bubbalon, “giving our users fun rewards and allowing them to follow other users, among many other new enhancements. Our integration with several location based social networks lets our users’ opinions become a part of the larger mobile world, where group sentiment shapes the behavior of others.”

One of the new features is the compass that guides users to different places, such as restaurants and attractions, where they can score their feelings on a sliding scale of 0 to 100. The social media score is aggregated with other Bubbalon users, who scored their feelings on the same thing.

Totaling the score provides a broader group sentiment. Bubbalon says it “works on a granular level”, meaning social media users have the option to provide their feedback on a specific thing versus on the whole attraction. For example, users can express their feelings about a certain dish or drink in a restaurant compared to reviewing the whole restaurant. Granular reviews seem fairer compared to overall ratings, like the old adage “One bad apple…” is not necessarily true with this app.

Another cool feature with the new version is the “karma points”. Bubbalon’s rewards system that gives users ribbons, fan badges and other designations for using the social media app. A single click “check it out” button allows users to quickly repeat their votes “for” or “against” the establishments they visit over and over again. A leaderboard function allows users to compare their participation with that of other users, allowing them to both be “followers” or “followed.”

Bubbalon version 2.0 also provides an improved check-in alert integration with Foursquare that allows users to share their sentiments about check-ins. After checking in to a place on Foursquare and then leaving, the Bubbalon user is prompted to share their comments, providing instant feedback for other users. Integration with both Facebook and Twitter allows users to share their ratings with friends and followers. The social media app also captures check-in locations from Facebook Places and Gowalla.

Once a Bubbalon user selects a business or area as something they like or dislike, the back end of the system will designate it as a local social objective for that user. Other Bubbalon users will then see this designation, sparking their interest in the local place.

The new Bubbalon version uses social media in a very cool way, but we just have to get everyone using it. Once everyone is using it, we can benefit from all the nifty granular reviews and check-in rewards.