Netflix Already Using Facebook To Break Company News

By Justin Lafferty 

It didn’t take long for Netflix to start informing investors through Facebook. Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission ruled that companies can keep investors abreast of news through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites — a decision largely motivated by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Thursday, Hastings took to Facebook to announce that over the past three months, Netflix users have watched 4 billion hours of programming.

In July, Hastings posted to his personal Facebook page (but not through any official channels) that Netflix’s monthly viewership had reached 1 billion hours. This brought about an investigation by the SEC, which ruled earlier this month that it’s OK for companies to inform shareholders of company updates through social media.

Thursday, Hastings promoted Netflix original series “Hemlock Grove,” showing off just how much streaming video its users have seen in the past three months.

Facebook addressed Hastings’ post in a statement to The Wall Street Journal

 Netflix’s speed and commitment over the matter is impressive.