Nearly One-Quarter Of Top 10,000 Websites Have Facebook Integration

By Justin Lafferty 

You’ve seen those Facebook like buttons pretty much everywhere you surf the web. But just how widespread is Facebook integration? According to web monitoring service Pingdom, 24.3 percent of Alexa’s top 10,000 websites have some kind of official Facebook interaction.

Even more staggering, Pingdom says that 49.3 percent of the top 10,000 websites have some sort of link to the social network, whether it’s an official integration technique or not. It also found out that 7.3 percent of those websites have the official like button displayed on their homepages.

Pingdom’s blog explains what this means in terms of the Web’s bigger picture:

Now after Facebook has had its much talked-about IPO, it’s worth noting how close the social network is to becoming part of the Web’s DNA. When so many websites have some form of Facebook integration, maybe we’re already there.

These numbers are from a survey of the top 10,000 websites we did this May (good old Web data mining). Social has become such a force that we just had to know. By integration, we mean the ways site owners can embed things like widgets and other social plugins on their site, including, for example, like buttons and social logins.

In comparison to Facebook’s overall figure of 49.3 percent integration, 41.7 percent of the top 10,000 sites link back to a Twitter page in some manner, 21.5 percent for Google Plus, and 3.9 percent for LinkedIn.

Also, a side note, Facebook is No. 2 (to Google) on Alexa’s top sites list.

Readers: How do you integrate Facebook into your website, if you have one?

Photo courtesy of LinxOne Solutions.