NCM Partners with Twitter and Foursquare to Bring Social Advertising to Moviegoers

By Devon Glenn 

“You used to have to sneak sex into advertising,” said comedian Colin Quinn. “Now you have to sneak advertising into sex.” Speaking at NCM‘s cinema upfront presentation in New York City today, he noted that messaging apps like Snapchat might not be the right place for an ad, but the presentation that followed showed more appropriate ways for brands to join the conversations that play out publicly on social media sites.

NCM Media Networks today announced a partnership with Foursquare and Twitter that will bring marketers on the big screen into the conversations on the small screen. We caught a glimpse of how it will look on the big screen at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square movie theater.

NCM is behind the “First Look” and other advertisements that appear in big U.S. theaters owned by AMC, Cinemark, and Regal Entertainment Group. The integrated media company also reaches Americans online and through mobile devices.

Tweeting through a movie is still considered rude, which is why the advertisers who pop up on the big screen during the previews are looking for new ways to catch up with audiences before and after it’s time to turn off their phones.


Movies are one of the most popular categories on the local discovery app Foursquare, which is why NCM hopes to catch moviegoers on their way to or from the theater with relevant offers and local content. NCM’s regional sales team will be presenting their local and regional clients with ways to incorporate Foursquare’s check-ins, local search, and consumer loyalty features into their current strategies, the company said.


To harness the hundreds of millions of Tweets that have popped up about movies in the past year, Twitter will develop a multi-platform series to highlight the hottest trending movie topics of the week. The series will appear on the big screen and on Twitter, NCM said, and will incorporate fan feedback to influence new series episodes. The companies are currently looking for a presenting sponsor.

Do people tweet about the ads they see in movies? Apparently they do. During the presentation, one slide showed quotes from several Twitter users who, after a movie screening, said they were excited to see a Cool Ranch Doritos taco from Taco Bell in 3D.