NBA Legend Facebook Game Surpasses 1 Million Users

By Anthony Marcusa Comment

In just a matter of months, Facebook’s first real sports game has hit a milestone. NBA Legend, a free basketball fantasy game in which users can create players and earns skills to make an All-Star player, now has over 1 million users. Fans can create their own avatar, and begin to train and develop, moving from a rookie to a legend. The game also offers users to play against other friends online, create their own unique home court, and complete various tasks to improve the character.

Developed in conjunction with Lionside, NBA Legend was the fastest growing Facebook game for the week of March 25. It is the first game on social media to appeal to sports fans, and seems to have successfully tapped in to the connected NBA fan base. While the NFL remains the most popular sport in America, making the most money, gaining the highest ratings, and engaging the most fans through fantasy sports, the NBA sports a very active fans base in the digital realm, with the most followers on Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, check it out here.

As the playoffs start, the NBA will remain a focal point of the sports world, and the gam will likely continue to increase in popularity. However, it will be interesting to see how the game continues during the summer and into the fall as uncertainty lingers around the 2011 season. NBA Legend could be a small bit of solace for fans, should the potential lockout occur and postpone basketball indefinitely. Thankfully that is not an option in the virtual world.