Facebook Shares Five Success Stories To Mark National Small Business Week

By David Cohen 

NationalSmallBusinessWeek2014Logo650Facebook is helping to mark National Small Business Week this week by showcasing five small businesses and their use of the social network for growth in a post on its Facebook for Business page.

The five companies highlighted by Facebook Stories were:

  • Jewelry Nut Auctions: Victoria Wise and Meredith Miner wanted to create a way for other time-strapped moms like themselves to buy fashionable accessories more easily. They started a jewelry auction business on Facebook that has grown to bring in more than $1.5 million in annual sales.
  • Adroit Theory: Mark Osborne opened Adroit Theory Brewing Co. this year, focused on small batches of esoteric beers. He uses Facebook to connect with craft beer fans, who can visit the tap room and join his beer club membership.
  • Divas Snowgear: Wendy Gavinski was disappointed by the lack of fashionable or well-fitting gear for female snowmobile riders, so she started her own company to fill the void. She found it difficult to reach this niche audience with traditional advertising, but has seen her business grow since using Facebook ads.
  • Stittsworth Meats: When Mychal Stittsworth bought his dad’s meat market a few years ago, the first thing he did was set up a Facebook page. With frequent posts, giveaways, and advertising on Facebook, the shop has taken off, and sales are up 250 percent.
  • The Dining Car: Nancy Morozin didn’t have a Facebook account and didn’t want one until she realized she needed one for her restaurant, The Dining Car. Before long, she saw the power of connecting with customers online, and now she uses Facebook regularly for her business and herself.

Readers: Do you know of any small business success stories on Facebook (perhaps even your own)?