How NARR8 Successfully Launched On Facebook

By Guest Writer 

NARR8AppCenterI work with NARR8, a free-to-use application and digital publisher of interactive eBooks. Last month, NARR8 launched its extensive catalog of motion comics, graphic novels, and educational periodicals on Facebook’s App Center — a huge milestone for us, since this made NARR8 the first motion comics application to launch on the world’s No. 1 social network. Today, I’d like to talk about what led us to this success, our first month’s progress on Facebook, and the support that the social network has offered us during the transition from mobile to social.

After successfully launching on popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Amazon Kindle Fire, we decided to make NARR8 available to an even larger audience — people who are either restricted to or prefer desktop access. Facebook has some 1.19 billion monthly active users, which makes it a fantastic starting point. Perhaps more important, less than 20 percent of its user base resides in the U.S. At NARR8, we consider ourselves to be an international company, and by bringing NARR8 to Facebook, we immediately increased our potential audience size to a massive user base from across the globe.

And as we know, Facebook’s audience has become increasingly sophisticated with respect to apps and games thanks to the success of massive hits like Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush Saga –this is an audience that is much more primed and receptive to sophisticated app experiences and the increasingly prevalent freemium business model — perfect for NARR8, which also uses a freemium model and offers episodic content both free-of-charge and unlockable with premium currency.

We also greatly appreciated the company’s easy-to-use Facebook for Business program. The program offers do-it-yourself development tools and improved advertisement offerings such as sponsored stories and the Power Editor tool, along with viral traffic tools like groups and Open Graph.

Groups, virtual meeting spaces for users with shared interests, are a great way to increase a product’s visibility through the most effective means of advertising –word of mouth. Open Graph, of course, turns simple user actions from Facebook-enabled apps into potential stories with their own conversational comment threads. This feature let us take simple user actions — such as readers downloading content, or starting/finishing a new episode — share their activity with their friends, and empower our readers to launch new conversations about our company with their extended network.

In addition, Facebook tools include improved user targeting that tracks location, likes, and connections, along with age and gender.

We were also especially appreciative of Facebook Exchange, the company’s real-time-bidding ad platform, which has helped us target the right audiences at the right time.

We understand that Facebook may also be bringing video ad units online in the near future, and we’re extremely interested to see how we can make use of those.

All told, this great variety of tools has made Facebook a great platform to both build our brand and also to bring in new business. We’ve been very happy with the results so far, particularly as the social network version of our app has helped us break through the coveted 1 million user mark.

Alongside these useful (and free!) traffic and advertising tools, the Facebook team was kind enough to offer featured placement on Facebook’s App Center homepage for the U.S., as well as Korean- and Spanish-speaking markets. For one week during the launch of NARR8 for Facebook, this prime real estate increased visibility, user traffic, and public-relations efforts nearly tenfold. We’re of course both grateful and honored that the company selected us for this type of promotion, and encourage other Facebook app developers to pursue strong relations with the company to take advantage of this type of opportunity.

Partnering with Facebook has resulted in the growth of NARR8’s readership in significant ways — the most specific and recent success being that NARR8 has, as we mentioned, now officially garnered 1 million users worldwide, just one week after launching on the popular social site. As you can see, we’re extremely pleased with how our partnership with Facebook has worked out so far, and we’re excited for the future.

Working with Facebook both in terms of app development and promotion couldn’t have been easier, thanks to Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s professional and friendly team, which provided us a strong and steady tailwind. The NARR8 team is happy to celebrate our success, and we would recommend Facebook to any company looking to strengthen its brand.

Rebecca Buttle is a PR associate with NARR8, a free-to-use app and digital publisher of interactive eBooks.