Napster Fuses with Rhapsody

By Kenna McHugh 

Napster is merging with Rhapsody, the popular on-demand music service. That be said, we are looking at the end of Napster in its current incarnation.

The digital audio file sharing platform pioneered a technology that temporarily upset the music industry in 1999.

Sean Parker co-founded the digital audio file sharing platform, and then jumped onboard Facebook at age 24 as a founding president. He was fired but still advises the social networking company. Justin Timberlake portrays Parker in the movie, The Social Network. In the movie, the character gives himself credit for turning the music upside down with Napster.

Will we miss the iconic site? Some former users may have forgotten that it was still around. Some users may not be surprise that Napster is being gobbled up by Rhapsody.

Whether you care what happens to Napster or not, we can’t forget the unparalleled impression it has had within the digital space — Grooveshark, Spotify and so forth.

The digital audio file sharing site cleared the path for Apple’s iTunes and changed the music industry as a business.

Here is Sean Parker commenting on, of all things, piracy and the future of streaming music: