Napkin Labs’ Superfans 2.0 Shows Trending Facebook Brand Advocates

By Justin Lafferty 

There are fans, then there are Superfans. Napkin Labs announced to AllFacebook Thursday that it has launched the newest version of its Superfans application. Superfans 2.0 is a new-and-improved version of the application that lets brands see who their biggest advocates are and allows fans to jockey for position on a leaderboard.

Superfans — used by brands such as Microsoft and the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs — shows Facebook page moderators who is commenting, liking, and sharing the most. It takes this information and puts into an easy-to-read leaderboard. It also takes the fan who created the most engagement each month and gives them a special “Fan of the Month” designation, leading to competition for that top spot.

Napkin Labs released an update for Superfans Thursday with some key upgrades. Superfans 2.0 has an improved user interface, which focuses more on trending users (the people who have been the most engaged over the past two weeks). By focusing on trending users, this also allows people to rise through the ranks and gain prominence quicker. Facebook page administrators can also easily see each fan’s activity, instead of having to search for it.

Brand managers can now upload a custom cover image (as Microsoft has done above) in the header of the Superfans app. This allows brands to give it more of a custom feel and also gives them another chance to announce competitions or giveaways.

Napkin Labs CEO Riley Gibson spoke with AllFacebook about what Superfans can do:

As we launched it with Microsoft and a couple of other companies, we got a ton of great feedback … We’ve really taken that feedback and tried to build a more robust tool, but also a more dynamic one. When you look at all-time best users, like the users who are most engaged over time, that leaderboard tends to not really change very much because they’re so above and beyond everyone else. We’ve tried to create, with our new landing page, basically something that’s more based on trending. So as a fan, when you land into Superfans, you can see and brands can see who were the most recent trending users. You can click into those fans and see their recent comments. It sort of reorganizes timeline based on fans instead of by content.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page, how do you figure out who your biggest brand advocates are?