Napkin Labs Adds Insights, Activity Library To Help Facebook Pages Gain Ideas From Fans

By Justin Lafferty 

Napkin Labs works to help Facebook brands reach out and collaborate with those who want to share ideas. The company recently announced that it has enhanced its offerings, introducing a real-time insights dashboard and an activity library that can help provide inspiration for new campaign ideas or help marketers learn ways to capture insights about fans.

The insights dashboard gives brand managers a guide, showing which fans are most important, what they’re saying, and what content is most engaging. This allows pages to see what their fans are saying, and what they’d want to see. It also lets page administrators know which content is the most important.

Napkin Labs also added an activity library, which allows pages to give their fans more ways to engage. Say you manage a Facebook page for sandwich shop. It’s likely your fans have ideas on new sandwiches that could be very successful. The activity library lets page admins easily create and organize ways for fans to give feedback.

Much like at a hot nightclub, pages can use Napkin Labs’ Fan Center to create VIP areas within the Facebook page for top brand advocates.

Napkin Labs CEO Riley Gibson talked with AllFacebook about the updates to Fan Center:

Everything we do at Napkin Labs is focused on bridging the gap between social media and consumer insights.  We are always aiming to give brands better ways to access the untapped knowledge and creativity of their Facebook fans and to give fans the ability to truly collaborate with the brands they love.  Our newest release, I think, embodies this mission.

Readers: How do you work with brand advocates?