Napkin Labs Aims To Boost Facebook Engagement With Fan Center

By Justin Lafferty 

Many times, when a Facebook fan posts to a major brand’s timeline or leaves a comment, there’s a minuscule chance of getting a response. Social media solutions company Napkin Labs developed a way to reward users for submitting ideas: Fan Center, which officially launched Wednesday.

Fan Center is a timeline application that allows a brand’s fans to have their say and earn badges and rewards for interacting. Nike has been an early adopter of Fan Center, having implemented the technology on its Nike Snowboarding page. As winter approaches, Nike wanted to know how snowboarders are getting ready for the season. Fans posted photos of their Nike kicks and interacted with other snowboarders.

Within Fan Center, fans are rewarded for sharing their ideas and interacting:

Napkin Labs developed Fan Center after realizing that the status quo doesn’t work. The company cited a statistic from Advertising Age showing that roughly 1 percent of fans actually interact with a brand.

Napkin Labs CEO Riley Gibson described what Fan Center can do for a brand:

Facebook has become a powerful storytelling platform for brands, but the voice of the customers gets easily lost. Using Fan Center, brands can host proactive conversations to capture ideas, feedback, and stories straight from fans — plus see and reward their biggest fans’ interactions on Facebook. Fan Center is helping to build the world’s most participatory brands by giving consumers an active role in the brand conversation.

Through Fan Center, users can submit ideas to brands and actually see if they’re going anywhere. Marketing teams can collect these ideas and gain a better understanding of their fan base. Brands can also see fan-level analytics and can implement features such as leaderboards and reward systems to keep people coming back. They can also find out who their top contributors are and save contributions made.

Readers: How often do you get a response when you post to a brand’s timeline?