Nanigans Reports Strong Facebook Ad Performance In 4Q 2013

By David Cohen 

FourthQuarterKey650The cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) for more than 100 retail advertisers and partners on the Nanigans Ad Engine platform increased by 2.9 times in the fourth quarter of 2013 when compared with the year-ago period, while cost per click rose 35 percent year-over-year, and revenue per click shot up 83 percent, according to the latest figures from Nanigans.

When compared with the third quarter of 2013, CPMs were up 19 percent, CPC rose 35 percent, and RPC saw a 72 percent gain.

Nanigans was bullish on Facebook’s advertising prospects hours before the social network’s fourth-quarter earnings call Wednesday, summarizing its findings as follows:

After examining our fourth-quarter cost and revenue data, the increase in Facebook advertising efficiency remains encouraging. Advertisers continue to evolve and become more sophisticated with their campaign creative, targeting, and optimization techniques. Advancements in ad formats, ad placement, audience targeting, and mobile have also proliferated opportunities for advertisers to realize and secure return-on-investment goals.

At the core of Facebook’s advertising success is the company’s commitment to product innovation. From desktop, mobile, creative, and targeting, to optimization and reporting, Facebook continues to build and improve, creating a more relevant experience for users and enhanced performance for advertisers.

The surge in mobile adoption has also created new opportunities for retailers. Nearly one-half of Facebook’s mobile users are now only accessing the social network from their mobile devices. In the third quarter of 2013, Facebook reported 874 million daily active mobile users. This will only continue to grow in 2014 as the market also experienced a tripling in the number of companies tracking and optimizing toward mobile revenue from 2012 to 2013.

With healthy growth and performance indicators for Facebook advertisers during 2013, we now look to 2014. To be successful in 2014, Facebook marketers must continue to embrace creative, targeting, and optimization. In addition, retailers will continue to shift their focus to mobile users, consider video, and invest in creative testing at scale.

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