MyTime Could Shake Up Local Search With On-site Appointment Booking

By Cameron Scott 

Ethan Anderson is a successful alumnus of Jason Calacanis’s influential Launch conference. He launched Redbeacon in 2009 to disrupt the yellow pages, Anderson says, but Redbeacon could also be described as an early competitor of TaskRabbit: It connected professionals who provide in-home services with individuals looking for a builders, plumbers, etc. The service launched with no pre-existing providers or customers. Within two years, Home Depot had acquired it.

Now Anderson has turned his attention to service professionals including doctors, hairdressers and massage therapists with MyTime.

Like Yelp, Foursquare and Google Local Search, MyTime serves up business profiles, photographs and user reviews. But it adds a killer additional feature: Users can book appointments on the site.

If the service takes off, it will mean users can schedule all of their weekly appointments on a single website. Users can search for appointments by provider, time or neighborhood.

Participating businesses must open up their calendar systems to MyTime, which may be a lot to ask. But the platform also allows the businesses to price appointments at difficult-to-fill times lower than they do at popular times.

Anderson’s demo was interrupted by a massage therapist with whom he’d booked a roaming appointment the night before.

MyTime has launched in beta in Los Angeles. An iOS app will follow soon, Anderson said.