The New MySpace: Now With More Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

Justin Timberlake is bringing MySpace back, as the singer/actor was featured in a promotional video for the former top social network, but it’s a cameo by the Facebook logo that may raise eyebrows, as well. Details haven’t been released yet, but it appears that the new MySpace will continue to have some kind of Facebook integration.

The video, shown at, shows that users can connect to MySpace through Facebook when they sign up for account (this isn’t new). The sign-up screen is much cleaner than MySpace’s current interface.

It appears that users will be able to bring more information and details from their Facebook profile. Currently, those who sign into MySpace through Facebook automatically import their profile photos, as well as basic information such as birth date, current city, and relationship status.

A new feature, though, will allow users to connect with Facebook friends who are on MySpace:

The new format of the pages — which look a lot like a mix of Pinterest and Facebook — allows users to connect, like, or share content. Users can also share updates to Facebook and Twitter automatically. For musicians (at least, the only example in the video is a musician), MySpace also does Facebook-like analytics, showing where the artist’s top fans are, along with their demographic breakdown.

Readers: Would you be interested in connecting Facebook and MySpace?