MyPermissions Trust Certification Aimed At Building Trust Between App Developers, Users

By David Cohen 

Application security provider MyPermissions announced the launch of a privacy certification program for app developers, the MyPermissions Trust Certification, which it said is aimed at standardizing the policies and usage of personal information between developers and end-users.

The MyPermissions Trust Certification will aid developers in assuring users that their apps are not compromising their personal data, and allow users to choose only apps with policies they feel comfortable with.

MyPermissions CEO Olivier Amar said in announcing the MyPermissions Trust Certification:

Often, we’ll see an app access user data that are completely irrelevant to its functionality, and take it upon itself to spam the user’s entire address book. However, most developers are completely above board when it comes to the management and usage of PII (personally identifiable information). We want to support those developers and give them a platform to ensure their end-users that they are honest and trustworthy with those data, and that they will make every effort to keep user data secure. Our basic certification is a free, simple, and effective way to give users peace of mind, while helping developers build the next generation of trust-based sites, apps, and businesses.

Any.DO was one of the first beta partners for the MyPermissions Trust Certification, and its CEO, Omer Perchik, added:

Tasks are very private things. We take extra caution with users’ personal data by making sure it’s safe, secure, and used only for the right reasons. MyPermissions makes it easy for us to communicate our respect for privacy to our users.

Readers: Would you be more likely to trust apps that are endorsed by programs such as MyPermissions Trust Certification?