MyPermissions Debuts Real-Time App-Permissions Scanners

By David Cohen 

Application security provider MyPermissions Thursday launched real-time application-permissions scanners in the form of apps for iOS and Android and a plugin for Google Chrome, aimed at keeping users in the loop on what personally identifiable information is being sought by apps.

MyPermissions said its new tools scan permissions pages across social networks and cloud services, and they provide mobile, real-time alerts to Facebook, Google, Twitter, DropBox, and Instagram users whenever installed apps access their PII, allowing them to grant or deny permission to those apps.

Users can select, approve, and remove multiple apps with one click via the mobile apps or Chrome plugin.

MyPermissions CEO Olivier Amar said:

No longer do we store our information on computers protected by anti-viruses and firewalls. Today, our lives are online. Our emails, calendar, contacts, business relations, our personal photos and files are all on the cloud. Over the past week, we’ve heard a lot about the NSA scandal, Prism, and how the government is accessing our personal information. But millions of apps and sites also gain access to this information on a daily basis. We’re giving consumers a way to finally protect and control their data.

Readers: Do you currently use MyPermissions or similar tools to protect your personally identifiable information from overly aggressive apps?