Which Apps Are Accessing Your Facebook Account? MyPermissions Updates Android App

By David Cohen 

MyPermissionsAndroid650Security outfit MyPermissions released version 3.0 of its Android application, which provides users with a dashboard displaying all apps on their devices that are accessing personal data, including via Facebook and other social networks.

MyPermissions said the new dashboard on its Android app categorizes other apps that are accessing personal information as follows:

  • Apps acting on users’ behalf.
  • Apps that know users’ locations.
  • Apps that read users’ inboxes and contacts.
  • Apps that use users’ photos and other files.
  • Apps that access personal information.
  • Apps that access other information.

Users of the MyPermissions app will also receive notifications whenever new apps gain access to their personal data, including via Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

MyPermissions CEO Olivier Amar said in a release announcing the availability of version 3.0 of its Android app:

People don’t realize that mobile apps can access a variety of personal data right off your phone, ranging from a personal inbox and contacts, to photos and location. Regardless of whether the app is open and running, closed, or has been dormant on a mobile device for years, the app still has the ability to access a wealth of personal data. MyPermissions has updated the Android app to provide privacy protection to mobile users and for the first time enable the mobile user to control which app can access personal data and what type of data they are comfortable with sharing.

Readers: Have you ever installed apps from MyPermissions or similar online security companies?