Musician Dupes Phone Thief With Fake OKCupid Profile

By Megan O'Neill 

A thief got the surprise of his life earlier this week when he showed up for a hot date with a girl he met on OKCupid, only to discover that the “girl” was actually the guy he swiped a phone from on New Year’s Eve!

Musician Nadav Nirenberg forgot his phone in the back of a cab Monday night, on the way to a New Year’s Eve gig with his band Streetlight Manifesto.  He tried the usual—calling his phone to see if a kind stranger had discovered it and would let him know where he could pick it up—but to no avail.  The phone had been turned off.  But all was not lost!

The very next day, Nirenberg discovered that the guy who stole his phone was using the OKCupid app on his phone to try and chat it up with the ladies—using Nirenberg’s account!  Nirenberg writes on his blog, “I woke up to see that the thief had been using my old OKCupid account sending weird messages to girls at 6 in the morning!  Not only is he stealing my phone, he’s creepy and disturbing, and gave me an idea.”

Nirenberg decided to trick the thief into meeting him by creating “a fake email and half-believable OKCupid account as ‘Jennifer Rodriguez’ – a 24-year-old girl who just moved to Brooklyn and was looking for a man to take her out.”  Within a matter of hours, the thief was on his way to “Jennifer’s apartment” for a bottle of wine.

Nirenberg writes, “Little did he know that on his way up the stairs I would pop out behind him, calmly give him $20 for my phone (it was in his hand) and tell him the cops were on the way (with a hammer in my hand).  RETRIBUTION!  The look of immediate shame on his face was priceless, homie was shook and must feel like an idiot.  Dude was all dressed up, had a bottle of wine and stank of cologne.  As he was walking away I was surprised I said ‘You smell great tho’.”

The following screenshot of “Jennifer’s” inbox, complete with OKCupid messages between her and the thief, was posted to Reddit.

On a side note, Nirenberg reports that “‘Jennifer’ got OKCupid messages from 30+ dudes in the ~5 hours that she existed.”  Also, “Flirting with this dude on OKCupid as a girl was weird as hell.”  He has since posted an apology on his own OKCupid account, for all the girls that the thief weirdly messaged.

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video expert here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.