Facebook Developers Can Now Attach Multiple Photos, Better Location To Open Graph Actions

By David Cohen 

Facebook added the ability to attach multiple photos and better location support to open graph actions.

The social network said in a post on its developer blog:

Photos and places are important for helping users tell rich stories. As such, we’ve now added the ability to attach multiple photos to open graph actions and have added better location support. You can now associate your own location data with your open graph actions and objects. This means that you can create your own place objects or use a third-party location service instead of Facebook place IDs. Stories that include a location will appear on a user’s timeline map and will be included in their news feed stories and aggregations.

To take advantage of this expanded location functionality, in your app’s open graph settings, select “place” from the drop-down menu when defining an object and specify the location property with the “GeoPoint” type. You must also select the “places” checkbox when you submit your action for approval. There may be scenarios where you want to rely on third-party location services like Foursquare to attach location data to your actions. We will now accept third-party locations and treat them appropriately.

Check out our documentation to learn more about publishing multiple photos for an action and tagging locations in actions.

Readers: Can you think of ways for applications to exploit these new features?