MTV Tumbles Into Tumblr

By David Cohen Comment

MTV added Tumblr to its social media arsenal, launching a blog that initially offers original and repurposed content, with expansion plans including live-blogging the MTV Movie Awards June 5.

The cable network had dabbled in Tumblr before, including a site for its Online Music Awards, but the new site marks its “official” presence on Tumblr.

MTV and VH1 Digital general manager Kristin Frank told Mashable the cable network found that #MTV was one of the most used tags on Tumblr, and it wanted to reach new communities and showcase the talents of its staff members, from design to marketing to music blogging.

And social media manager Tom Fishman told Mashable:

We feel like MTV could be a really powerful curatorial force. The voice that MTV has is consistently approachable and human and creative, while still being edgy and boundary-pushing. Tumblr is defined by very specific features — creativity and reappropriation. We’ll be tastemakers in things that we create and also highlighters of culture.

In a sense, it’s probably our most collaborative social tool to date. We felt that we had something really unique to offer the space, and we wanted to get it right.