MPlayr Joins Facebook Music-Service Band

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook users now have another music-streaming option in nascent startup MPlayr.

After signing in with Facebook Connect on the MPlayr website, users have access to streamed songs from the U.S., U.K., and iTunes charts, free of charge.

Other features include the ability to search past and current songs, as well as an option to share tunes with Facebook friends and Twitter contacts.

MPlayr is available globally, and users can sign up for a five-song trial to feel out the service before logging in with their Facebook accounts.

The company said in a release:

We have tried to make the application fully supportive of the major Facebook aspects where possible. Currently, only people with Facebook accounts can log in and use the application (excluding the five-song trial for users to decide if they wish to sign up). Also, as you would expect, users can easily share songs with friends.

We can only guess that MPlayr might become one of the streaming services available in Facebook’s forthcoming music dashboard.

Readers, are you open to trying a new streaming service off of Facebook or are you waiting for the new music dashboard before making a decision?