Facebook To Mozilla: Add WebP Support To Firefox

By David Cohen 

Facebook announced last month that it was experimenting with the use of Google’s WebP image format due to its smaller file sizes for photos, and now the social network is trying to get Firefox parent Mozilla on board.

CNET reported that Facebook Programmer Bryan Alger posted the following comment on Mozilla’s bug tracker for WebP:

I am the Facebook engineer examining the adoption of WebP as a serving format. We are very excited about the new format and keeping a close eye on the community to monitor adoption. It is entirely likely that we will be serving WebP images in some capacity in the short term after we address user complaints from our limited testing. It goes without saying that we would love to see WebP support coming to Firefox soon.

WebP is currently supported by Google Chrome and the Android operating system, and the upcoming shift to the Blink browser engine by Opera will add that browser to the list, as well.

The biggest issue to surface with WebP thus far is the fact that WebP images are not compatible with software such as Windows, OS X, and Photoshop.

Readers: Do you think Mozilla and Firefox will get on board with WebP?