Mozilla To Test Out Social API For Firefox Beta With Facebook Messenger

By David Cohen 

Facebook Messenger will be the first application used to test the new Social API developed by Mozilla for its Firefox beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mozilla said its Social API will allow developers to integrate their social services into the Web browser, adding that beta testers should begin seeing social sidebars with Facebook Messenger in the next few weeks.

Mozilla added in a blog post:

Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the browser in a way that is meaningful and helpful to users. As services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends and family anywhere you go on the Web without having to open a new Web page or switch between tabs. You can stay connected to your favorite social network even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video, or playing a game.

We will begin testing the Social API soon, and Firefox Beta testers will be the first to experiment with this new feature in the coming weeks. As part of this testing, we are working with Facebook to test Facebook Messenger with the Social API.

The Social API will ultimately support multiple providers, and it has endless potential for integrating social networks, email, finance, news, and other applications into your Firefox experience. If you would like to learn more about the Social API, information is available here.

Readers: Would you like to incorporate features from Facebook and other social networks directly into your Web browsers?