Most Viral Brands Of 2010 Revisited [Infographic]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Back in September, Viral Ad Network released a cool infographic of the ‘Most Viral Brands Of 2010 (So Far)’. Now that 2010 has come to a close they’ve revised their infographic from “So Far” to include the year-end official list of the most viral brands of 2010. The Viral Ad Network infographics offer a pretty cool way to see how the brand standings have changed over the last six months since the first version was released, and they’re also a great way to celebrate some of 2010’s hottest brands.

Before we get to the entire infographic, I think it’s really interesting to compare the most viral brands from six months ago with the top brands today. The positions of the brands here were determined by frequency.

As you can see, many of the brands that were on the chart in September have remained. Namely, Old Spice, Google, Apple, Nike Football, Sport Relief, the Conservative Party, Twilight, and Call of Duty have remained. FIFA, Motorola, Paddy Power, Adidas and Universal Pictures were bumped for Glee and Sony Ericsson.

Other interesting statistics found in the new infographic include the fact that Facebook influence has seen a three-fold increase, with three times as much sharing in the second half of 2010, parodies are booming in the viral arena, and viral series have also seen a boost this year. Find out more about these facts and more in the infographic below and let us know if any of these findings surprise you, and what you see in store for the coming year. Who do you think will emerge as the most viral brands of 2011?