More Back-to-School Shoppers are Going Online

By Kenna McHugh Comment

The number of consumers in the U.S. using social media sites to assist in back-to-school shopping has increased by six percent consecutively year-after-year according to a new survey by market research company Deloitte.

As indicated by the results of the survey that was released last week, 35 percent of parents in the U.S. plan to use social media to help with their back-to-school shopping. The figure indicates a 6 percent increase from the 29 percent of shoppers making the same decision in 2010.

Of those surveyed, 69 percent plan to use social media sites to find out about promotions on back-to-school products. Another 44 percent plan to browse for back-to-school products on social media sites. And, 28 percent plan to use the sites to read product reviews and recommendations to help make decisions on what to buy.

The survey interviewed 1,000 parents of children aged 16-19. It would have been interesting to include parents of younger students. The percentage of younger parents (18-34) using social media for shopping is higher than older parents (35-55).

Even though only parents of older children were surveyed, we can see the indications that more back-to-school shoppers are visiting social networks. The new Deloitte survey reveals a trend is happening. We have an annual increase of back-to-school shoppers online. That means retailers without a social media presence should be thinking about getting some social media schooling of their own.