Monopoly Millionaires Now Available on Facebook

By Lauren Dugan Comment

Family board game night has officially been upgraded: Monopoly is now available free-to-play on Facebook. Called Monopoly Millionaires, this classic board game has seen a facelift for the Facebook generation, with leaderboards, points for visiting other players’ boards, and customization – all flagship features of the most addictive of social games.

Electronic Arts has created Monopoly Millionaires for Facebook, using Hasbro’s iconic board game as a starting point, and adding social features to make it more engaging for Facebook gamers.

Players familiar with Monopoly will remember many of the features from the original game, including rolling the dice to move around a board scattered with properties, Chance cards, and earning big bucks for building hotels on property you own. The board itself is a familiar design, with some added features:

There are some new features in Monopoly Millionaires, too. Players are encouraged to amass friends who also play the game and visit them regularly. This will give them bonuses in-game, and give them a better chance of being successful. And like all great social games, there is an element of customization in Monopoly Millionaires: players can design their own boards.

If you loved Monopoly as a child, give the digital version a try. Not only are there classic elements to reminisce over, but there are new features that social gamers will drool over. Rather than playing a round, earning a boat-load of money, and having to start at zero the next time you play, Monopoly Millionaires lets you collect millions and millions of dollars, accumulated over time. And upgrading your board – like a virtual house or pet – is proven to be an addictive formula.

We’ll have a full review of Monopoly Millionaires shortly, but in the meantime, why not go directly to Go and start your own game?