Monopoly Looks to Facebook Users to Help It Modernize Play Tokens

By Cameron Scott 

The game which is emblematic of the early 20th century economy, is embracing the 21st world of social media. The makers of Monopoly began holding a Facebook vote this week to let users decide which of its original playing pieces will be replaced and with what.

Monopoly has 10 million “likes” on its Facebook page.

Users can vote to replace one of the existing playing pieces, which include a top hat, shoe, thimble, iron, wheelbarrow, car, battleship and dog, with a more modern token. The candidates for introduction include a robot, helicopter, guitar, ring and cat. Several Facebook posts promoting the new tokens are sponsored.

The custom app tells users the tokens have all landed in jail and users will have to decide which ones to bail out.

The top candidates for elimination are, at the time of writing, the iron and the wheelbarrow.

While the turn to social media is new, Monopoly has kept its tokens relatively fresh over its 80-year lifespan. The original playing pieces were a lantern, purse, cannon and a rocking horse. During the 1950s, there was a horse and rider token.

Most users are joining in the fun, but a vocal minority is protesting that the classic game shouldn’t be changed.

“For shame, Hasbro! Monopoly is Monopoly. It doesn’t need to have its tokens ‘updated,'” wrote Allison Britting.