Facebook Hires CEO Of Viral Marketer Momentus Media

By David Cohen Comment

Add Facebook viral-marketing specialist Momentus Media to the list of companies “acqu-hired,” meaning partially acquired for talent, or by the social network, as the two companies announced the transaction today.

Chief Executive Officer Chris Turitzin will become an employee of the social network to lead growth projects, while Momentus will continue to create social applications under the leadership of Co-Founder Carina Koo, while fellow Co-Founder and

Turitzin elaborated in a blog post:

Facebook approached Momentus a couple of months back because members of the growth and engagement team were impressed by the way we designed and built social applications. Our apps have been installed by more than 100 million people, and we’ve had the opportunity of working with great brands like Levi’s, eBay, Shutterfly, and The Black Eyed Peas.

After months of discussion with Facebook and internally, we decided we wanted to join Facebook in some way. The opportunity of applying all of our learnings to a product of such scale was hard to pass up. Also important to us was being able to continue growing Momentus. The setup we came to was that Carina would lead the Momentus team in building awesome social apps, and I would move to Facebook to lead growth projects.

This means Momentus clients will still able to release chart-topping social apps, and I will be able to apply everything I have learned at Momentus working at Facebook.

The science behind sharing is in its infancy. With this new opportunity, we push forward in our mission to help define how it all works.