Mobile’s Role in Booking Short Trips (Infographic)

By David Cohen Comment


Travelers who have recently booked short trips (two to four days) likely did so using multiple devices, applications and mobile sites, according to a study by GfK commissioned by Facebook IQ.

GfK analyzed the purchase paths of some 2,000 adults 18 and over in the Netherlands and Sweden who had recently booked short trips, and its findings included:

  • 71 percent were undecided about at least one part of their trips.
  • 61 percent hadn’t chosen travel providers.
  • 28 percent hadn’t decided on destinations.
  • One out of five found travel inspiration on Facebook or Instagram.
  • 69 percent plan within two months of their trips, 45 percent within one month and 21 percent within two weeks.
  • Over a 45-day “journey to purchase” for respondents from the Netherlands, they averaged 225 visits to Facebook, 80 percent of those via mobile devices, and spent 582 minutes on the social network. For travel sites and apps, they averaged 30 visits and 85 minutes.
  • Travelers who book via mobile devices are 1.9 times more likely to be frequent travelers, 1.3 times more likely to prefer personalized advertising and 1.5 times more likely to consider booking via mobile apps.