Facebook Launches One-Click Mobile Payments Via Bango In U.S., U.K., Germany

By David Cohen 

Mobile payment platform Bango announced that its integration with Facebook, first revealed in February, is live, and the social network’s users in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany can now purchase items such as virtual gifts and game credits and be billed via their mobile carriers.

According to TechCrunch, Bango (as similar services in place for BlackBerry AppWorld, Opera’s mobile store, and Google Play, and Amazon will follow suit shortly.

Bango said the Facebook service will be expanded to other countries during the rest of the year, claiming that its payment platform delivers an average conversion rate of 77 percent, compared with 40 percent for conventional operator billing. Bango CEO Ray Anderson added:

We are delighted to bring Bango’s payment experience to Facebook. As the mobile Web experience has matured and improved, consumers are increasingly keen to purchase digital goods on mobile devices. By ensuring a frictionless payment experience, Bango technology is unlocking the business potential of the mobile Web.

Readers: Do you think Facebook can tap into this partnership with Bango to help boost its mobile revenue?